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About Rugby Live software

Amplify Sports is a software and technology company based out of Dubai. Our aim is to digitally transform grassroots Rugby, increasing participation, reducing costs of participation and allowing for safe and secure communication and transactions between, clubs players and associations. 

We developed Rugby live alongside Physios/medicial experts, League owners, Chairpersons, Referees, Managers and ex elite level players to find out the problems associated with running local leagues, managing teams. We looked at every software available in the market today including the GMS system offered by England Rugby and re wrote the user interface and experience from scratch, removing the need for paper and administration.

Our vision is to grow the sport of Rugby globally, our software solutions support Countries & Rugby associations who are looking to grow the game from scratch, and implement new governence and whilst also supporting existing Leagues or Tournement owners that are looking to move away from paper and pen to a fully enterprise level secure platform and digitally transform.

Core Benefits of Rugby Live software

Increasing rugby participation

Reduce Admin costs

Protect players

Secure communication

Reduce staffing & volunteers

Increase Revenues


Our software is modular allowing you to build your own solution whether you are a league, referee association, club, manager or player our cloud based smart software gives you all of the tools you need to ensure the safety of transactions, coaches and players and even track and share performance statistics live to fans and followers.  

Not only do we make it easier for leagues to run, reduce admin costs, improve safety of players and reduce serious injury, we offer access to world class content that Rugby managers, physios, coaches can access to improve themselves and their teams. Ranging from masterclasses from elite level players, personal trainers and sports analysts. 

Develop new Talent!

During our research into elite level Rugby as a sport we noticed many ex players leave the game, some struggle to adapt back into the normal routine of life and making a living after playing professional sports. They have so much to give back to grass route level rugby that we decided to ensure this stopped happening. We developed online workshops alongside elite clubs and players that gives them the knowledge and expertise to deliver top class video content.


The masterclass module of the app is available to players, coaches and Physios free within our player app. Meaning you can download the latest tactics, understand how the professionals improve technique, fitness and nutrition. Individual or group masterclasses can be purchased in app with 50% of the revenue going back to the player to enable them to invest more into new content and be rewarded for giving back.

Giving back to Rugby and helping grass route rugby improve.

Protecting Young players

Head injuries have been a cause of concern at all levels of Rugby, we addressed this problem by working with experts. Our software allows Physios to track every head injury, by logging it live or after the game in the app and until the player has had a medical clearance the player is not available for selection. 

In fact our software can track all injuries within the club or the league, live analytics are available to the league or the club, ensuring that the team coach can not  select a player for a game if they have had a concussion in the last 4 weeks . All injuries can be tracked and injuries can be compared and displayed with time unavailable and frequency.

By tracking your club or leagues injuries you can highlight trends and issues that could be caused by pitches, training routines or overly aggressive players or teams that could be damaging the reputation or integrity of the sport.   

Integrating Rugby live has digitally transformed the way we administrate the game in the UAE, saving us money and time in the process!
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